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Over the last four conference editions, we have been lucky to welcome a number of inspiring speakers to offer ‘provocations’ to the conference participants set against relevant issues and themes of the time:

Rachel Wingfield
Patrick W Jordan
Justin Marshall
Jon Rogers
Nelly Ben Hayoun
John Bowers
Bill Gaver
Jonas Löwgren
Carl DiSalvo
David Gauntlett
Amy Twigger Holroyd
Tim Ingold
Elisa Giaccardi
Studio Swine
Johan Redström
Elvin Karana

Below is a series of video clips capturing a provocation given by Sir Christopher Frayling, filmed in advance of RTD 2015 and focusing on the history, development and future of Research through Design.

Christopher Frayling

Part 1: Research through Design and its evolution
Part 2: Designers as knowledge generators
Part 3: Unpacking craft knowledge
Part 4: RTD in design education
Part 5: On the RTD Proceedings
Part 6: Building a conference series
Part 7: Design-led research: the next chapter

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