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Over the last two conferences, we have been lucky to welcome a number of inspiring speakers to offer ‘provocations’ to the conference participants set against relevant issues and themes of the time:
Rachel Wingfield
Patrick W Jordan
Justin Marshall
Jon Rogers
Nelly Ben Hayoun
John Bowers
Bill Gaver
Jonas Löwgren
Carl DiSalvoDavid Gauntlett
Amy Twigger Holroyd
Tim Ingold
Elisa Giaccardi
Studio Swine

Below is a series of video clips capturing a provocation given by Sir Christopher Frayling, filmed in advance of RTD 2015 and focusing on the history, development and future of Research through Design.
Christopher Frayling

Part 1: Research through Design and its evolution
Part 2: Designers as knowledge generators
Part 3: Unpacking craft knowledge
Part 4: RTD in design education
Part 5: On the RTD Proceedings
Part 6: Building a conference series
Part 7: Design-led research: the next chapter

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